A Visit To Ribstone Creek Brewery Edgerton, Alberta

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My name is Herm, and I’m the head brewer at Ribstone Creek Brewery.

So, the history of Ribstone – we were founded in 2012 by a group of farmers and local businessmen. They wanted to start a brewery. They liked drinking beer, and they found that their home here in the Wainwright area was a suitable place for a brewery.

Here at Ribstone Creek, we offer four core beer products, and then we also offer seasonal products as well. The main staple we have is our lager, it’s kind of our foundation beer that gets brewed year-round. We like to provide seasonal products to the community, depending on which season it is. In the wintertime, typically you want a darker maltier beer, better for the cold winter nights. In the summertime, a nice refreshing ale or a lager is typically what we try to go for.

The inspiration behind our Pirate Series is to kind of connect with the community – find locally established businesses that want to collaborate with us to provide a little sense of kind of wholesomeness within our community. The businesses that we partner with vary and we like to cater to different businesses that are around the region.

If customers really enjoy one of our products, we’re more than comfortable bringing a beer back out of retirement. It’s really not that difficult to bring back a beer because we have our recipes already established. So if we get a high demand, we’re more than happy to brew it again, and even in smaller batches. We have a pilot system, so it’s really easy to brew an even smaller batch. If a customer says, “you know what? I would like a Rangeland”, for instance, I could even just brew a 15L keg and it can be out the door for them in three weeks.

You can absolutely visit Ribstone Creek brewery whenever you like. We have a taproom that is open to the public on weekends. If someone is driving by and they see me at the front, I’ll happily bring them in. What they get when they come here, first and foremost, is a smiling face and a warm greeting. We like to have a nice friendly environment here where it feels like you’re at your friend’s house, having a pint.

Running a brewery in a small town like Edgerton has more positives than negatives. We find that the community really embraces us. We listen to their feedback constantly. Even when I’m shopping at the local grocery store, people stop me and tell me that they like our beer and also give me ideas for what they want to drink in the future.

Here at the brewery, the main ingredient that we need to make beer is malt. That’s typically sourced right next door from the farmers that grow it locally. Obviously, it has to go through a malting facility before it enters the brewery, but that’s where we get it from. Hops have to come from hop growing regions, such as Yakima, Washington. Unfortunately, we can’t grow hops here. I’m very happy that we can source our malt locally from farmers in the community.

Our recipes are developed by the whole team. We like to sit down and talk about new styles we’ve seen and the feedback from the local community. The actual recipe creation is more on my end, but I’m always willing to listen to our team members for feedback on what kind of flavours and profile designs they’re looking for.

“If you’re visiting Edgerton, I would suggest you come to the brewery first, grab a couple of cold beers, and then head to the lake.”

Herm, Head Brewer – Ribstone Creek Brewery

People can buy our products in any normal way that they would get their beer – through local liquor stores or bars. Or, if they like, they can come to the taproom directly, and I’ll sell them a six-pack of lager!

For people visiting the local area, I would definitely suggest come to the brewery first, actually, grabbing a couple of beers, and then heading to the lake.

My favourite local place would definitely be The Honeypot. I always get the spinach and artichoke dip and it’s absolutely fantastic! My favourite hidden gem in the area would definitely be Herbie’s Confectionary. On a hot summer day, they have the best ice cream around. Definitely stop in there.

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