Tour Battle River Country Like a Local Looking for some ideas for your next visit? We asked a few locals for some suggestions…

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Battle River Country is filled with beautiful views, rich history, and residents who are always happy to share a story. Looking for some ideas for your next visit? We asked a few locals for some suggestions…

One of the most famous landmarks in the area is the Fabyan Trestle Bridge, a railway trestle outside of Wainwright that was built in 1907. “Men died building it, and it’s a fantastic structure to go and see”, says Alex Heath, owner of the Honeypot Eatery & Pub.

A great place to learn more about the history of the area is the “Teacups to Tractors” Museum in Irma. The museum is home to the Irma Historical Society, founded in 1981, and is run by passionate locals interested in preserving history. The museum houses numerous local artifacts including a collection of over 300 lamps. It also celebrates one of Irma’s most famous past residents – cookbook author Jean Paré. Learn more about the stories of the Irma Museum from Mary Newton.

The region is also known for its iconic eateries, built by passionate community members who value their heritage. Another Iconic food stop is the Honeypot Eatery & Pub, which began in 1979 in the driveway of the Middleton family home. The Honeypot was also the scene of the “Great Fire of 1929”, which started when a spark from an ashcan razed much of downtown Wainwright.

Honeypot Eatery & Pub

Have a bite to eat with the locals at Club Mojo’s & Second Home Lounge in Wainwright and the Edgerton Oasis Hotel, where residents like to gather at the end of the day to share stories and enjoy a cold beverage. See what else locals recommend you check out when visiting the area.

If relaxation is more your style, take a dip in one of the many local lakes. Locals will often recommend Clear Lake, Arm Lake, and Dillberry Lake. Those looking for something a bit different might want to take a scuba dive with Alberta Adventure Divers. If you’re into camping, check out the Irma Campground right next to the ballpark or camp with the cows at the Edgerton Community Golf Club!