The Jewel in The Woods Edgerton, Alberta

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My name is Wes Laporte and I am the Chief Administrative Officer for the Village of Edgerton. Edgerton is known as “The Friendly Oasis” and that’s something we’re very proud of. It’s just a really nice, family-friendly community.

As a kid, I was an RCMP brat so we kind of moved around. We spent time in Sherwood Park, Peace River, St. Paul, and Regina. My mom is from the area so once dad finally retired, it was her turn to pick where our family went and we ended up here. I was looking for a summer job and started as an intern with the village six years ago. Now I’m the CAO.

Edgerton hosts several events throughout the year. The biggest is Edgerton Sports Days, which is on the first weekend in July. Sports Days has something for everybody, with the largest event being the Bullarama. There’s also a tractor pull, where antique tractors show their muscles and pull some heavy stuff. Sports Days also has the Agricultural Bench Show, which is a competition for baking goods, crafts, and all that kind of fun stuff.

Edgerton also hosts an annual Robbie Burns Nite, which is a celebration of the Scottish poet. The next closest Robbie Burns event is probably 200 Km away, so we get a good crowd. It includes traditional Scottish foods (like haggis), dancing, and music.

When visiting Edgerton, you definitely need to check out the golf course. It’s a beautiful nine-hole course and we call it the Jewel in the Woods. One unique thing about the golf course is that it’s technically in a grazing pasture, so you have to dodge cows during your round. I don’t know where else you’re going to get that!

Be sure to check out is the local watering hole – the Oasis Hotel. Everyone gathers there at the end of the day or on the weekends. They have a Friday night steak fry and they make a mean burger!

Some of the best camping in the region include the Edgerton Golf Course, situated in a grazing pasture lease, so you can spend the night with cows. There’s also a great little campground in Edgerton and the Arm Lake Campground is a gorgeous, little site set on Arm Lake.

The Edgerton Museum is definitely a very special place to visit. We call it the Teacups to Tractors Museum because they literally have everything from antique teacups to tractors. It’s full of history, including the Hugo Viewager photograph collection. Hugo Viewager was a German man who lived in the area and he was a pioneer in autochrome pictures. He took some of the only colour pictures of the Northwest Mounted Police.

The Ribstone Creek Heritage Rangeland is a designated area for biodiversity preservation and historical preservation. It’s a unique area that is home to lots of wildlife, rolling sand hills, and active dunes.

“When you come to Edgerton, you’re going to expect to have some friendly waves thrown on your way even if people don’t know you. That’s kind of how Edgerton is.”

Wes Laporte – CAO, Village of Edgerton

There are a lot of hidden gems in the area, but it is worth the hunt. I’m not originally from the Edgerton area – I moved here several years ago, not really knowing what to expect. It’s a small town, middle of nowhere, but over the years, I’ve definitely grown to love this little community. I have literally borrowed a cup of sugar from my neighbour. That’s kind of just Edgerton in a nutshell. It’s a great community and we’ll take you in with open arms.

My favourite local shop in the region is Armstrong’s Department Store. They have a great selection of furniture, but it’s also a really good clothing store. They’ve always got some good deals and they’re always stocked up on barbecue goods.