Give the Gift of Food and Drink

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If you’re looking to go on a food adventure, consider pinning the local eateries in Battle River Country on your map. Make a food tour part of your itinerary, and experience some of the best steaks in Alberta, a variety of authentic international cuisine, and several restaurants with relaxed family settings.

Ribstone Creek Brewery

A 25-minute drive southeast of Wainwright brings you towards Edgerton, a small village on, well, the eastern edge of Alberta. It is also home to Ribstone Creek Brewery, where they brew small-batch beer with big flavour. The brewers invite you to visit for a tour: they’ll show you around the facility while giving you a look into their processes, Edgerton’s history, and of course will let you sample the goods

The Lager is their cornerstone beer which you can always get on tap at the brewery and local restaurants, with other rotating flavours also available. After a day of shopping, or time outdoors in the area, you can try Ribstone’s seasonal beers like their Great White Combine (a superb White IPA) or their Day Drifting (a clean and crisp Blonde Ale). For the classic flavours, try their Mainstays.

The Honeypot Eatery & Pub

Wainwright’s Honeypot Eatery & Pub has been a local family-owned institution for over 40 years. And people keep on coming back because The Honeypot keeps things fresh in more ways than one. This lunch and dinner spot created a warm and comfortable place to enjoy a meal through consistent updates to their interior and exterior with renovations and additions, and menus made of local Alberta beef, honey, and dairy products.

From the menu of comfort food, some highly recommended dishes include The Honeypot’s slow-baked BBQ Bacon Meatloaf (for dinner), their Memphis Bowl (for lunch), and their feature cheesecakes (for dessert).

Park & Trestle Pub and Restaurant

Located in the historic Park Hotel, the Park & Trestle Pub is a historic venue with a lively atmosphere. You can catch daily lunch and dinner specials from Park & Trestle, Karaoke Nights three days a week, and if you’re truly searching for a fun night out, you can wait until weekend nights when the pub becomes a club. The friendly vibes at P & T are perfect for a date night, birthday celebrations, or any occasion that calls for great food and drink.

The casual pub food menu includes entrees of burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and steak; and to get a little of everything, you can order their Barbeque Chicken and Ribs with three sides included.

San Marco Pizzeria

The menu and specials are in constant rotation at San Marco Pizzeria. But no matter when you visit Wainwright’s Italian eatery, you are guaranteed a menu of pasta, seafood, and hearty mains like steak and chicken.

Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster is the only place in Wainwright to offer authentic Japanese cuisine and sushi. You’ll find the relatively new and locally owned eatery in the Springs Motor Inn where they are open 6 days a week.

Jack’s Place

Stop here for coffee, snacks, and a little bit of shopping. After browsing Jack’s shelves of unique gifts and wares, sip a fresh coffee or try a bowl of refreshing greens.

Long Branch Trading Company

For something quick and made with quality, Long Branch has a refreshing selection of lunch items, hot coffee drinks, and daily meal specials. Be sure to check for their specials every month!

Edgerton Oasis Hotel & Cafe

Stop in at the Oasis for a homecooked lunch any day of the week or catch some local entertainment on the right night! Their food includes a hearty selection of soups, sandwiches, steaks, and more.

1979 Sports Bar & Grill

A cozy gathering place for drinks and snacks. Enjoy a local Ribstone Creek from the tap and grab your pub favourites from their long list of Appetizers. Staying for the game? 1979 Sports Bar & Grill also serves up salads, entrees, handhelds, a steak menu, and desserts.

Fireside Grill

A family restaurant with a menu of homemade comfort food that will leave your whole family filled. Fireside serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and are known around Wainwright for their selection of wild game burgers.

Lak Buffet House

The lunch and dinner served by Lak Buffet include a wide variety of cuisines. Your plates can be topped with a combination of Sri Lankan, Indian, Thai, and Canadian dishes.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Consider something a bit more unique or local favourites.